Brimming with history, the oldest part of the house is the dining room in the Tudor Wing which was originally a medieval hall house, dating back to 1350.

The Streatfeilds are a historic English family from Chiddingstone, Kent, traceable to the early 16th century. They were significant landowners in Sussex, Surrey and Kent, and instrumental in shaping those counties throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.The family lived at Chiddingstone Castle for 400 years until 1910 when they sold their castle and Sir Henry Streatfeild, moved to Hoath House.




“Beautiful House, Beautiful Grounds, A thoroughly enjoyable week. Have already booked again.”


Origionally a Tudor farm, named Batts Farm, the Hoath House gardens have been part of the Streatfeild estate since 1748. When Colonel Sir Henry moved to the house in 1910 he created a formal ornamental garden, which continues to flourish today!

The gardens today boasts 100 different varieties of plants, guided tours are available on request – perfect for visitors to London who would like to visit gardens in Kent and Sussex. The surrounding countryside is varied, well-wooded and very favored from the points of view of garden makers and garden visitors.

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