Cycling in Chiddingstone

Chiddingstone is home to some of the most scenic and lovely cycling routes in the whole of England. Whether you’re an adventure-seeker, a racing cyclist/enthusiast, looking for a family-friendly experience, or if you’re just hoping to take in some lovely sights — there is truly something here for everyone.


Casual & Recreational Rides:

  • River Eden route/Hever Castle (32.5 mi): A route great for all seasons but an especially lovely, quiet ride during the summer. With two opportunities to enjoy historic sites, be sure to take a stop at Hever Castle & Penshurst Place. Continue along the route of River Eden and its landscape, immersing yourself in the beautiful nature of this region along the river’s edge.
  • Church of St. John the Baptist (51.2 mi): One of Chelsham and Farleigh’s finest, along this route you’ll find (aside from the natural beauty) the Church of St John the Baptist. You can expect everything on this ride: climbing, descending hills, fully paved roads (and very few cars).
  • Higher Common Ground (23.7): You’ll find several great cycling routes in the municipality of Royal Tunbridge Wells, like this one, which takes you along truly beautiful places, including River Eden. Best to use the public transport to reach this route, and be forewarned — it’s a tough one, with no unpaved roads the whole way. You can start everywhere along this route, but the Church of King Charles the Martyr is certainly a good place to start. Make a stop off at Higher Common Ground, as well!

  • For Race Cyclists/Cycling Enthusiasts:

  • Rock Pub, Chiddingstone Hoath (32.5 mi): Enjoy this circular path, taking in spectacular Kent scenery including both Hever & Chiddingstone Castles, as well as the Hills Bayley, Star and Hosey. The route even provides a pass through Chartwell, a great place to stop for snacks and drinks.
  • Chelsham and Farleigh (47.2 mi): Perhaps the best way to explore these areas is by bicycle, with the chance to cycle on a route built for all levels. Eden Valley Museum is also along the way, with ample opportunity to stop and learn its history!
  • Bolebroke Castle Miniature Railway (55.6 mi): This area boasts some of the nicest roads to Bolebroke Castle Miniature Railway, this route is a cyclist’s dream. Enjoy some of the many stunning cycle routes of Lingfield, along Betsom’s Hill – but start with this one. A truly unique ride.

  • Nature Lovers:

  • Long Barn Route (28.7 mi): Fully immerse yourself in some natural beauty. This tour takes you along some gorgeous sites, including River Eden. Another route with lots of asphalt, this makes for a very relaxing ride.
  • Hundred Acre Wood (37.9 mi): Explore East Grinstead via bicycle path, taking in the landscape of the great Ashdown Forest (an AONB), and the setting of A.A. Milne’s classic story ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’. If you’re on an E-bike, this tour will be easy, but for those on bicycles, expect medium-level difficulty (but trust us – it’ll be worth it).
  • We recommend experiencing these routes using our local electric bike hire service; Country Hire and Go, with their ‘Super Monkey bikes’. They provide everything you need for touring the area and can help with route planning and recommendations. More details can be found on their website:

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